Chat With Hajera

Writing advice and help to work through any struggles or challenges you’re facing in your writing

In my work as a writing coach and creative writing teacher, I know how helpful it can be to have someone to talk to about your writing, particularly when you’re going through a writing block or feeling stuck in your writing.

A one-off consultation might be just what you need to feel excited about your writing again and achieve clarity on next steps. You can get specific advice for your writing that’s tailored to your unique situation and that takes into account whatever constraints or challenges you’re facing in your life that are affecting your ability to write.

We can also chat about your writing projects and any craft issues you’re coming up against, or advice on how to move forward in your writing journey.

Areas that I can help with include:

  • How to get started and where to focus your energy if you’re a new a writer or if you have no time to write
  • Figuring out your writing goals and planning your path based on where you are in your writing journey
  • Discussing your writing projects, working through blocks and how to move forward when you’re feeling stuck in your writing 
  • Working through craft issues in short stories, personal essays (creative nonfiction), or picture books
  • Submitting to literary magazines and how to improve your chances of getting published
  • Applying for writing grants in Canada (if you’re eligible) 

My writing experience and accomplishments make me uniquely positioned to guide you in your own writing.

My short stories and creative nonfiction have been published in literary magazines, including Joyland, TOK Magazine, Pulp Literature, The Humber Literary Review, The Ex-Puritan, and Canthius. I have also been published in the Journey Prize Anthology, the most prestigious annual fiction anthology in Canada. I’m currently working on a short story collection and have received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts for this project.

I have been serving as a writing coach and running programs for Muslim writers for almost three years now. Prior to that, I taught creative writing online at the Sarah Selecky Writing School and have been working as an editor with Ruqaya’s Bookshelf for more than 5 years.

I’ve been writing seriously for more than 10 years and have faced many challenges over the years in my writing. I’d love to help you guide you in your writing journey and share resources and tips that have helped me come this far, Alhamdulillah!

How the call works

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. We’ll discuss availability and book a time that is mutually convenient. You’ll then send me an email outlining what you’d like to focus on in our call so I can prep in advance and look up any resources, if necessary. After our call, you are welcome to send me any follow up questions for up to one week.

All payments are final and non-refundable. Please note, manuscripts will not be reviewed or critiqued as part of this service. These sessions are meant to empower you on your writing journey and give you clarity on next steps.

Whether you’re facing a challenge in your writing and need some support to work through it, or you need advice on next steps in your writing, I’d love to help!