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I’m Hajera Khaja, writer, editor, and creative writing teacher. Anytime I’ve been away from the page for too long, I feel unmoored, like I’m not myself anymore. I suspect it is the same for you, dear writer. Welcome! I love working with writers because of the joy it brings me — to see writers who doubt begin to believe in themselves again, break through their struggles and resistance, and show up on the page in all their brilliance.

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How to work with me…

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Individual Coaching

Writing can be a lonely task. You don’t have to do it alone. I can guide you through your struggles and provide feedback, structure, and accountability.

Grounded Writers

Grounded Writers is a wholesome writing program for Muslim writers. Build your writing skills and recharge your writing life. 

The Writers Lounge

An online community for Muslim writers. Surround yourself with writers who will inspire, motivate, and support you.

Kind words from writers I’ve worked with…

Asmaa Hussein
“A Temporary Gift” & “A Place of Refuge”

Hajera has a way of finding the very essence of what I’m trying to convey with my writing and coaching me into expressing it in a way that’s really going to land with readers. I keep coming back to her for editing advice.

Rifk Ebeid
“Baba, What Does My Name Mean?” & “You Are The Color”

Working with Hajera was truly a blessing. Her skill and experience offered crucial insight on how to make my story come to life. I was so hesitant to reach out for help in my writing journey, but am so grateful that I did.

Sherine Aboelezz

Hajera is a brilliant writing instructor mashaAllah. She is extremely professional while at the same time compassionate and understanding. I learned so much from her and was inspired to write after not being able to write for a long time!

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