Courses & Programs

Ten years ago, being a ‘writer’ seemed like a far-fetched dream. Yet here I am, still writing, balancing kids, work, and well, life, checking off dream goals as I go along, Alhamdulillah. I can help you get there too, a place where you prioritize writing in your life, dedicate yourself to developing your craft, and if you don’t already, fall in love with your own words.

A notebook with writing on one page and an empty cup on a round table on a porch outdoors. An empty chair is next to the table and a path leading outside.
Individual Coaching

Writing can be a lonely task. You don’t have to do it alone. I can guide you through your struggles and provide feedback, structure, and accountability.

Ease Into Fiction Course

A six-week self-paced online course that will teach you how to write fiction with ease and confidence.

The Writers Lounge

An online community for Muslim writers. Surround yourself with writers who will inspire, motivate, and support you.

Grounded Writers

Grounded Writers is a wholesome writing program for Muslim writers. Build your writing skills and recharge your writing life. 

“I appreciated the depth that my conversations with Hajera brought out in my writing. Consequently, the first draft of my non-fiction memoir today no longer looks anything like the original. And I am immensely grateful for the improvement in my writing and also her ability to encourage a private person such as myself to ‘go deeper’. Thank you Hajera for your work with me so far.” — Alveena Salim 

Let’s write something beautiful, together.