What if you’re already good?

I recently shared this popular quote by Ira Glass with my Grounded Writers group. It’s a quote that I’ve shared on social media more than once and it’s even on the About page on my website where I say it’s my favourite writing quote. Here’s the quote: “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners,Continue reading “What if you’re already good?”

On rejections and negative reviews

Over the last little while I’ve had many conversations with writers about critique and rejections and negative reviews, and I wanted to share some thoughts here in case they’re helpful to other writers. I know a lot has been said already, and perhaps I’m not adding anything new or particularly insightful, but I occupy severalContinue reading “On rejections and negative reviews”

How to overcome ‘writer’s block’ (Part 2)

I’ve been talking about writer’s block in the last few posts. Here is the initial post where I talk about why I don’t believe in writer’s block, and here is how to overcome writer’s block part 1. In this post, I want to talk about how to overcome feeling stuck in the midst of aContinue reading “How to overcome ‘writer’s block’ (Part 2)”

Why I don’t believe in writer’s block

Pop culture has given us this image of a writer, someone who sits at a desk day and night and their story flows out of them at a maddening pace until they have birthed their book, in its entirety, until they are exhausted. They eat nothing but toast for days on end (that is, ifContinue reading “Why I don’t believe in writer’s block”