The Writers Lounge

A monthly membership with Hajera Khaja

For Muslim writers to connect, grow, and learn from each other. Join our nourishing writing community and get the support you need to reach your writing goals. 

“The Writers Lounge is a no-pressure, all-you-can-do sort of a program. It was conducted at a great pace and in a very thoughtful manner. I truly appreciate how Hajera goes above and beyond to accommodate her community’s needs.” — Ayesha H

In the last few years, I’ve been blessed to work directly with over 50 writers, Alhamdulillah! Almost all of them struggled with their writing in one way or another: 

>> I always wanted to write but life got in the way and I never got started.

>> I write sporadically but wish I could be more committed to my writing and write consistently.

>> I have a lot of fears when it comes to sharing my writing and being vulnerable.

>> I wish I had a safe space to work on my writing and a supportive, non-judgmental community where I can share my struggles.

>> I am scared of getting critiqued and fear that I’m not a good writer.

>> I am looking for motivation, accountability and consistency in my writing practice.

>> I wish I could belong to a community of writers who get what being a writer means to me.

If you’re in the same boat and any (or all!) of these comments speak to you, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re writing regularly but still struggle with imposter syndrome and calling yourself a writer,
or you haven’t written in years and writing regularly feels like a dream that always stays out of reach,
at The Writers Lounge you will feel like a writer.

The Writers Lounge is a monthly membership where you’ll find a writing community that sustains your writing practice and gives you a space where you belong as a writer — a space where we connect, learn from, encourage and motivate each other in our writing.

>> Create non-negotiable time in your schedule for writing during the week in our Write Together sessions.

>> Share your deepest writing struggles and discuss issues about writing in our monthly Discussion sessions.

>> Ask questions and learn from published authors in our Guest Author Q&A sessions.

>> Learn the craft of writing with monthly bite-sized lessons.

>> Get inspired to write with weekly writing prompts and share your writing to receive kind-hearted and motivating feedback.

“The sessions were inspiring and informative, and the frequency and continuity is just what I need to help me continue working towards my writing goals. The weekly Write Together sessions were perfect as they forced me to clear my diary, switch off from everything else and sit down with pen and paper.”  — Sumera R

What’s Included

Inside The Writers Lounge, you’ll find your community: other writers who experience the same challenges and struggles as you do, and who will support you on your writing journey and help you reach your goals. It’s a space where you can thrive as a writer.

Weekly Write Together Sessions
One hour weekly ‘write together’ sessions on Zoom when we write together and work on our projects. (Timings of Zoom sessions will be rotated to accommodate all writers in the group.)

Monthly Discussion Sessions
Monthly discussion sessions (1.5 hours) on Zoom where we share our writing struggles, brainstorm solutions, and discuss craft issues in our writing.

Craft Notes
Monthly mini essays on various topics related to writing craft and studying other writers’ work

Writing Community
Slack group for connection, discussions and sharing your writing

Writing Prompts
Weekly writing prompts shared on Slack to help you get writing

Guest Authors
Bi-monthly Q&A sessions with guest authors. Past guest authors include Asmaa Hussein and Marzieh Abbas

Bonus Items
10% discount on any programs or courses that I offer, including one-on-one coaching and mentoring

Fees: $39 CAD/month
*Membership to The Writers Lounge will automatically renew every month. Payments are non-refundable but you can cancel anytime and your membership will be valid until the end of the billing period.

“The Writers Lounge was like a cup of hot chicken soup this past cold November. Hajera and the writing community were soothing, satisfying, and always had me smiling after we met. I could finally talk about my writing to people who wanted to listen and they had their own stories and tips that nurtured my writing and my heart.”
— Sarah Musa, author of “My Garden Over Gaza” & “Amir’s Blue Jacket”

The Backstory…

A few years ago, when I was yearning for connection with other writers, I created a private Facebook group called “The Writers Lounge” for Muslim writers. I was doing a lot of freelance editing work at the time and didn’t have an opportunity to connect with other Muslim writers in a deep and sustained way. But as Facebook groups tend to go, the activity in the group petered out fairly quickly.

Fast forward to 2022, I started running Grounded Writers and met some incredible writers through the program. But after the 12 weeks many writers shared the sentiment that I’ve experienced too at the end of long programs: the ‘what now?’ feeling.

Investing in a writing program or course is important to build our writing skills. But it’s so easy to lose momentum and let your writing fall to the wayside when you don’t have support and structure to help you maintain a healthy and sustainable writing practice.

In late 2022, I recreated The Writers Lounge, this time on Slack, and beta-tested it for two months with writers who had already worked with me. The idea behind the program was still the same: a place for Muslim writers to connect, share experiences, and support each other on their writing journeys. But this time, the program had structure and built-in components to keep writers motivated to do what they loved and wanted to do, but struggled to make time for it and prioritize it in their life — to write.

My hope for this program is that it gives you a writing community that sustains your writing practice and gives you a space where you belong as a writer — a space where we connect, learn from, encourage and motivate each other in our writing. A space where we can thrive as Muslim writers.

“The Writers Lounge helped me refine my writing process. I enjoyed monthly discussions the most, where everyone shared their writing-related struggles and offered solutions to each other. I loved and benefitted from all the writing resources Hajera shared in the Slack community.” — Sumena H


I am a new writer. Will I benefit from this program?

Yes! No matter what stage of the writing journey we’re at, we all need support, especially when we’re just starting out. It can feel overwhelming to think of how much work you need to do before you achieve your writing dreams, but with the right support and structure in place, you can get there faster and find writer-friends for life along the way! 

I have been writing for years. Will I benefit from this program?

Also yes! I’ve been writing for years myself and I know how invaluable it is to be able to talk to other writers about my struggles, which tend to morph and take on new forms as I progress further in my writing journey. I also love talking about craft and every new writing project presents its own challenges, especially when I’m trying something that I haven’t done before. The joy of being part of a community of writers is that I can talk these things out with other writers and return to my writing with new ideas and new ways of thinking about my work. I’ve also seen how much more confident writers can get when they’re able to impart wisdom and lessons they’ve learnt in their own writing journeys to newer writers. It’s what makes community such an enriching experience and I’d love to have you and learn from you!

When do the Zoom sessions take place?

Our community has writers from all over the world, Alhmadulillah! As such, the day and time of the weekly Write Together sessions are rotated to accommodate writers from different time zones. The monthly Discussion session typically takes place in the last week of the month and is recorded so that anyone who is unable to attend live can send in their questions before the call and watch the replay. A full schedule of the month is sent out via email and posted on our Slack group at the start of every month. 

What happens after I pay? When does The Writers Lounge start?

Once you enroll, you’ll get an email receipt of your payment. Within 24 hours of your enrolment, I will send you a welcome email. You’ll receive access to our private Slack group and I will send you our schedule for the month which includes the dates and times of all our sessions for the month.

What should I do if I want to cancel my membership?

Just send me an email at and let me know at least two weeks prior to your monthly renewal date and I will take you off the membership subscription.

Praise from Other Writers…

Asmaa Hussein, author of “A Temporary Gift” & “A Place of Refuge”

“Hajera’s insights quite literally transformed my manuscripts from messy first drafts to polished, ready-to-print books. Hajera has a way of finding the very essence of what I’m trying to convey with my writing and coaching me into expressing it in a way that’s really going to land with readers.”

Marzieh Abbas, author of “A Dupatta Is…”

“I’m so happy that there is such a fantastic support program encouraging Muslim writers to put their stories out there — reminding them their stories matter as much as anyone else’s, helping them to learn the craft, and tell the stories only they can tell!

Rifk Ebeid, author of “Baba, What Does My Name Mean?” & “You Are The Color”

“I gained a group of women that I trust with my writing journey, and I gained an entirely new way of approaching writing. I was so hesitant to reach out for help in my writing journey, but am so grateful now that I did.”