Writing Class

Work with me in a small class environment.

I am a teacher at The Sarah Selecky Writing School, an online creative writing school. The Story Intensive is run once a year, starting in the fall. I loved this course as a student and I love teaching it even more!

The Story Intensive is a four-month online creative writing program. The focus is on short fiction, but the techniques you’ll learn will help you write in any genre—and produce work you can be proud of. The Story Intensive provides you with a devoted teacher and six to eight classmates. It provides feedback, deadlines, and accountability.

I would love to have you in my classroom and support your growth as a writer. 

To learn more about The Story Intensive, click here.

Collette LaRocque

“I attended Sarah Selecky’s writing school and I was privileged to have Hajera as one of my teachers. In providing feedback she was always positive, insightful and constructive. When I read her responses I always learned something and felt encouraged to write more.” 

Naome Howe

“Hajera has a way of demanding, kindly, the best of what she knows I can do as a writer to keep my voice vibrant and alive. After reading her insightful feedback, my immediate response was: “Of course, why didn’t I see that?”

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